Life of I’

Yesterday i watched “life of Pi” again and felt like to be a non believer would be such a hard working life. (those who haven’t seen it, please watch). Even the things i cannot control i have to take responsibility thinking that it is necessary so as to control my output in life i meant.

Although mechanical sometimes but it does come to what i have learnt and am i putting my own emotions back to practise. We get lazy when the bad times pass by, our own association only becomes limited to the sadness we may feel in that split sec nostalgia, that is i think because the reasons we have to put as to why something happened are limiting. I am seeing the life just as if it had no meaning to it, but still its there to be done felt dealt and loved maximum to.

Why should anything mean anything, but once i know myself, it is also important to give our own meaning and then flow with everything nevertheless

It may seem like you would die but you wouldn’t

the brain of heart may seem like a physicality but it isn’t

lungs have more of a mind of their own

choking on bad air is knowing

memory knows history but

to blow away into the proportion of opposite

I believe I should believe this too

being wrong is a dimension of its own

and believing you are, is another

what should I leave to get what

matters on what I leave when I get what I want

I am good then leave behind cramps in body of dead

or take their misery with me

why to hold what should flow

so live life

but do go deep deep deep into the soil of deepest oceans

and kill yourself

that is how you will find

that nothing beats as much as roots that float

with darkened hardened seasoned bits of soul

You can now take a fall

but take with you a foreword for life

Whatever you do

don’t live a insipid life knowing nothing of anything

or an ignorant one knowing everything of nothing.

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