V for venom

Do you know you can drink your tears backwards into your mouth through practice 

you can cry inside but I never got to know how long it takes to go back and unfix the fixes of haste in my 

mind talks of the adjustments it did not make while I thought it did, when the blood spilled 

it gave away the heart which I thought won in the middle of everything, it failed

to show me that it could never repair its storage of those backward tears, it gulped

the blood instead and now can’t vomit because    spilling words was an old habit, now fixed, hindering

the outward flow of almost any emotion in an effort to keep those tears from flowing forward, 

walking in circles of pain and love the boundaries merged and neither could identify the other admist its own venom 

the cobra bit itself it died not being sure if the venom killed it or not loving itself. 

Skip a heartbeat

My heart skips a beat..

Thomp. and everything goes down again

as in the second’s distress to move

forward on the clock it pushes itself back

and I rush to pump it again with all I got

it becomes a matter of minutes to level

the things put to rest

from where hours turned to dust

of days spent in hunger

for the skipped heartbeats

where heartbeats skipped people

by skipping a few hearts.