I had lot of headaches

But you were the best

In my mind you’d put me to rest

And start carving me from nerve to nerve

My left brain was already under your charm

My right brain was doing itself the harm

Condemning me of the logics you’d give

It would reprimand me and make you forgive

The heart was in silent distraught

Because my lungs thought your air was hot

Breathing fast, slowly they ended the crime

I became aware of the missing spine

With that headache gone I had my own regrets

But I have to say

Your heartache was the best.

A Bitch’s Game

Funny feeling in my bones
charred, but smoky nice
looks like I was on fire but didn’t notice
too obliged making you feel alright
while falling smooth and nice
being human was my plight

And, more funny when I choked
you said it was something I didn’t eat right
Aren’t you just a beautiful sore sight
those lucky unconcerned eyes

Here let me help you kill me, my dear
my living might be an ugly ride
don’t make it slow in my name
just stab me already
later, I still might be alright

Please just say already someone else’s name
don’t make my love a bitch’s game.