In the multitude truths

mine was a speck of my story

intertwined with your perspective of it

hindering me to visualise how it actually happened

I end up not being so sure about my own past

while the disaster in my head dances on my failure to claim 

my own pain because I always compare it to yours

while infliction of it – you think is my choice 

but you do it yourself without knowing

that is why good hearts are streaked with confusion

and those with noise are always sure.

Destiny’s bride

Rock and roll was hectic and 

the songs of solitude were singing homeless souls

the vulnerable priest crying and 

virgins finishing their goals

coffins caught up with the deadbeat lives

life chalking trials for destinys wife

fate doesn’t succumb to the ill-fated while

another task to do with a smile

meanwhile the chorus shunned all background sounds

cords struck around the neck 

on the surround speaker ofcourse

righteous shouted on the songs course

singing away the destinys bride

women waiting to finish their misguided life.

Face to keep

I hear you my girl

like the silence that screeches 

through the skies 

in hope of your noise

to be loud

I hear you my girl

in our silos we all are proud.

but I will ignore you my love

because you are not my life

some other day when I will be you

I will squeeze this pain out of you

and I will then pay the price

of not being by your side.

To the women I see fighting daily but don’t help because of so many fears. Fear of my immediate family, fear of being judged myself, fear of their own future. 


what if love was primal 

not this flowery state of mind 

I heard the cats and dogs whisper

they too felt the need to define

but they were soon disinterested in the thought

like their primal fits 

it was short

but a man kept bugging the concept

created content 

published the stress

the first love musters me

makes me mushy weak in my knees

I cripple the senses

fuse the bulbs and 

muse the nulls

in expectations of that first look

into the souls

I keep baring mine

gathering my own flames I wander

island to island

and everything opens up for me to define

the beauty rises 

with the sunsets

where a smile to myself

alone staring at the beds

of anywhere I would go

I can imagine of so many women I know

but I dont

just smiling at myself for that special one 

faith in heart 

I await the one

she enters into my dreams 

through the yellow cab 

wandering alone 

I pause to gasp

how do they behold these moments of truth?

how do they stare pretending not to look?

I am unaware of shame 

and in being lame

I just walk behind her

not looking like a trailing dog

shying seeing changing lanes

I follow her like insane

she pauses


tweaks her head 

30 degree to right

what else is love at first sight?

if the godesses in temples could walk

would they stay

such beauty should belong to one

I would pray

she would not belong

longing for her worshippers

she would be gone

another morning 

I would say other names

some were dedicated to ease my pain

some were looking to make their gains

some were plain ugly 

some were profoundly insane

some were like me 

soul searching their own nemesis name

but the search made me figure this out 

that we all are primal 

in one or other way 

some in our searches

and some in our need to stay.

Old and Content

Don’t ask me for courage

I dropped it in the nutshell of peace

The wolves hunted my bravery

My women was put to leash

The girls who giggled at wake of puberty

Silenced themselves in the hook ups of past

The men who surfaced

Went mad trying to make them last

Hunted were hunters and they did the same

Each relentlessly becoming insane

When there is no path that you can lay

All paths eventually lead astray

Always a flag on horizon 

For which they would ride

People told me to go there to hide

I reached there 

And came back to save my sight 

Blisters of my journey still wake me up in the nights

I smile when Old and Content

Means to have paid all the price.


How do you speak to beauty?

How long you bask in its while?

How long do you bother?

by how it ties through its golden threads of warmth 

it knits me in a cocoon 

where I am left to think that nothing will evolve

the stage will cease to honor the actor 

and the play would never complete

because I won’t let it

in the moments that I gasp

out of you

my own breath belittles me

on syncing with you

there is no butterfly when I it open up

the enchantment always completes itself

when love goes full circle

all works well only when 

I remain enchanted

and think that the cocoon is my life.

Oh Master

Oh master! I look up to you 

not into you

with my love 

It is true

and yet you fail me 

and my surrender

saying its not complete

Oh master! looking into you 

was not wise

it would have let 

to same demise

Oh master! I just wish 

to make you wise

let it be the peripheral love

for a peek inside told me

you, like me, 

are a lot of beautiful and ugly bees 

within your soft beehive

and I don’t want to become that small

to enter 

and grow inside you 

then to break the softness

and let the stings out

to free myself

nor I want you to kill me

because of the pain

it is to accommodate another person

accept please as I said

I look up to you

not into you.

The plague of tough words

I minutely look at a poem

study it word to word 

I dont understand!

tough words

I pick up a dictionary 

and find the words 

relate the meaning and

construct a sentence

I forget what I was reading

and meaning is again gone

I read the line again

I get it now

by this time my grammar has improved

but the flow is gone

and I find the meanings impractical

or rather I found it nonsense

to go into poetry

with the words I didn’t felt

I wonder if great poets loved themselves

Or they just loved to plague poetry like everything else.

The algae

I am that slimy substance 

you find me in the water 

anywhere on the rocks

When water gave me birth out of its smoothness

I slipped to become that algae

because I am in love with water

I dont find my land

but water takes me to places

where I dont want go

I try to let go

but as soon as I find my earth 

it pulls me again

for it wants me to just keep flowing

with its inconsistent moods

And the air of its own surface doesn’t bother it

because it pushes me instead

and I take the pleasure

and again slip 

I go on till I am dissolved

Or left to be.

How was I wrong?

No you don’t say

That you have been hurt

For hurt is your conception 

Of my actions 

Which you defined

By the conditioning you already had

But my conditioning had a different name 

And hence now you don’t believe my actions 

And I mutter about the insensitivity

Of your extreme sensitiveness

Which sensitizes only your senses

For yourself

Not for me

But you say I was wrong

Tell me how was I wrong?

Then again

Lost in yourself

You would not have an answer.

Those million pieces

That small puny trust you placed in me

maybe I did break it

but not in those million pieces that you did of mine

I did not collect those pieces back the last time 

and didnt make myself whole again

I just dragged that one bit left in me 

and wished for all others to follow 

In that way maybe I was wrong

but the wrong bit is left with you

and it has not followed me yet

It says it is there

for you to feel right

After all I do understand your plight.

2017 – In hopes

my credit card expires in 2017 

along with few other relations 

ingeniously I filtered the ones I would keep 

and this particular card also had its promotional treats

it had costed me a lot to build up the points 

few heartbreaks, some sorry’s and thank you’s are still in line

I also adjusted my expenditure to the income I earned

but financial losses were not the ones that burned

The points though never got converted into any gift

So I need to decide if its worthy to be in this fix

or along with other things I should just let it go 

in hopes that with the new year there will be more.



I had lot of headaches

But you were the best

In my mind you’d put me to rest

And start carving me from nerve to nerve

My left brain was already under your charm

My right brain was doing itself the harm

Condemning me of the logics you’d give

It would reprimand me and make you forgive

The heart was in silent distraught

Because my lungs thought your air was hot

Breathing fast, slowly they ended the crime

I became aware of the missing spine

With that headache gone I had my own regrets

But I have to say

Your heartache was the best.


Inside myself is a place where I live alone

And that is where I go to renew my springs

The oasis is deep and is filled by the mistakes of my past

I bath in them each day, that is how I last

Every day I filter from it the weeds 

Which try to creep back into my deeds

That’s is how I stand apart

I push back my damaged parts.


Would you come to me in my dreams and stare at me

Like you stare at those bills and budgets

With the same interest will you study me,

add, deduct, multiply the prices that I pay 

Deduce the cost for this month to be subtle, serene, patient 

and deduct it then with the reminders of the tasks

that I would have to do to keep us tallied in our love.


The Prophecy

the prophecy.png

The prophecy is that you will proclaim your love

sooner or later

before you die

The reality lingers that you will still have to try

So, just give in to the bitch

Or, make a king of that snob

Because in doing both there is but a fine line

Maybe I am that bitch

and you are that snob of mine

My love for you could be a nightmare of yours

Similarly your love for me, doesn’t feel so divine

Little pricey? things 

picture1In the eyes of street dog, peek, look hard into its soul, the dog will talk. The meadows, the stalk, rainbows and broken hearts they all talk

But what about those little things that you daily do and are not able to put into them your heart

Just try to be here, here I mean where you are, look at what you doing, enjoy, don’t make your day so hard

I agree life is not easy when you ignore and behave like just another retard

A Bitch’s Game

Funny feeling in my bones
charred, but smoky nice
looks like I was on fire but didn’t notice
too obliged making you feel alright
while falling smooth and nice
being human was my plight

And, more funny when I choked
you said it was something I didn’t eat right
Aren’t you just a beautiful sore sight
those lucky unconcerned eyes

Here let me help you kill me, my dear
my living might be an ugly ride
don’t make it slow in my name
just stab me already
later, I still might be alright

Please just say already someone else’s name
don’t make my love a bitch’s game.

Lost and Found

I sleep alone in my dungeons still this smell surrounds me like you are sniffing into my air and breathing back the fragrance at me, now, mixed with your scent because when I wake up I am enchanted by you, and when I sleep back again pretending to be with you I am actually alone in those dungeons I hear echoes still

“Is it me or is it you?”

Think of me when you think of us and it will always be the other way round

I to you, and to you, I surround

There in your unconquered depths I reside, while you wander in me the same way with your prying eyes

When I am with you I miss you and when I am not I miss you more

In the spiral winds of love I keep circling from your to my core.