Dear Friend

My friend,
let me find you again,
in the broken links of your wired past.
we all were sinking in that age of glory,
and it’s ok if all your pieces didn’t last.
it is the 30’s now,
you know what you shouldn’t do,
let me just take back the fears from you,
don’t be whole – preserve yourself,
but let the sceptiscm of those first mistakes pass,
keep the lessons,
but don’t let the punishments last,
let me find you again in the familiarities of our masks,
let me look at you,
via your heart,
past through the troubles of this world,
where you learned to keep faces as an art.


A sweet story 

travels its own reminiscence 

as how it was told 

in times of plenty 

when the dwelling pond didn’t dry up 

in the times passed filling it again

the little creatures of all forms

lived in the suspense 

of failure or success

thomping on weak ones

burying them through distress

for urgency to be whole

that was why the story 

was not sweet when retold

a lot of sweet bits 

in its reminiscence

did not hold. 

Meme evenings

neural efficacy it dictates

carving replicating transcending 

subatomic space of the peripherals where

it was killed, alive again 

dusted by hands of now a celibate brain

niching into the broken links

of surviving neurons 

to expose hide reside in a scarred alley

trying to invade again 

breaking open the bubbled spaces

you. yet again a meme of everything perfect

I. an uninspired host

Valentines Special

It is a dress

you wrap your fun 

and bring it down

it sits on the curb

and you are skeptic 

you see a clown

in the middle of nowhere

it has been a while

you turn around 

another year futile

but you like the sound

as the rats who died 

looking for cheese

were as gullible 

as those who didn’t

and when chasing their trail

cheese followed with the cage

how a lost love 

makes a comeback case

the hungry rats again miss the details

another year to yearn

for the ship that always sails..


I am painting you a picture 

on the canvas of your eyes 

what you see is relative

and depends on your insight

like when night tells dawn

I am too a morning to few life forms

they who can see will change their colours 

those who saw black and white

still how do you rush when you are viscous

and how do you flow when you are rigid

but you will and think about the 

underperformance of everything else 

inside all of us we ourselves dwell. 

this way The mundane project of me

keeps getting more and more pointless

in my own stoic face I am baseless

the vision that I will anyways create

amass project reiterate 

is just a changing proposal of my past

when digged to the core of anything

everything lasts. 
Thought: most changes are selfpreservatory  in nature without our realizing it and even if we do realize that we need the change, we also crave for an acceptance of our negatives or worse we stop caring. How legit is the change then? sometimes us ourselves being unaware of the real depth of it.