When you live in a town bordering the LOC and have friends who would bring you subsidized grocery from the army canteen you know the lives of soldiers, their wives, their choices and fears. No doubt they are always ready to jump in and defend the country but given a choice they would choose “no war” always. 

I see people cheering political advances on other countries, people cheering the thought of war, the thought of proving their country’s might and then I see the worried wives around me waiting for war to start. Their lives slow down and their families join together to grieve. They are warring in their heads all their life for their husbands, sons and lovers…this poem is to them and to the agony of waiting to loose someone. 

That drenched uniform with

sand water oil mud and blood, 

That pair your size 10 boots

polished and sewed,

That hat of yours

with medal and stars

The paper scribbles unreadable

The time stopped watch of yours

My long lost earring, I have found

And pictures you said that you had lost 

I found them all

With your scattered bones

The spilled blood

In the field that you lay

For hours to the death

I found the case of bullet

near your head

Where you dragged yourself behind that rock

and pulled with hands the legs

There were stains of blood from your breath

where you hid

I found that naked man

With clothes to hide and the soul pulled out

Your heart pounding where the insects murmered

If you would live or die

And where you sat waiting for your death

your last breath

and that poisonous lead

Is everything that your KHAKI reminds.


The logic of mirror

The mirror has its own life

Looks at itself and more so with pride.

Seeing itself as anyone it can be

It toys with the image of me.

Each day I thrash this image of it

Each day it makes a new person of the bits.

There is always but one person that remains

The one who in the childhood stared 

And was looked back from the mirror with the same glare.

This person in mirror always remained same

The one outside changed by life stains.

Can I look in the mirror and be proud

Can I stare and stare out loud

Can I challenge the one that I became

Or stick to now whatever is the game.

Because the mirror always knows our truth

Subtle rash kind or a crook

And whatever logic we may find in our lives

The mirror sees right through it and strikes.

The necessities and luxuries we may define

Mirror knows the logic that we undermine

The logic of where life brims

The person in the mirror lingers but soon dims.

Soul of the stars and ours

Men and women are complex in how they deal with each other. Women being the soulful creatures they are and Men trying to fathom this soul sometimes are led blind to the simple things between them. When complexities arises no one owns them but everyone pays the price…The complexities are but always simple, its always about one soul searching another in thier own different ways..
All her work flows through the stream

Searching for her soul 

In another being

Like a song 

Playing in her head

Her idea of him is a dread

Mixing of cocktails to make a drink

Magic of moon and subtleties of a shrink

He stands there dreaded

Waiting to make move

Walking on thin ice

He is nowhere led

Measure the sight

See the sun

Fix her emotions 

Left in him is none

Risk the good 

And mourn the dead

Be here in my past 

Its a long thread

Fragile and thin

The ego walks

The distance it travels

Life in us gasps 

Can you sing near the stream

Let both of us come ashore

I’ll pull you out 

And you dont pay heed

If this love in us wants more.

Our odd religion.

Culture religion

#culture #religion

I have always wondered about religion 

About mine, about yours, about everyone’s

I have wondered where the God’s went

And I have wondered about the ones still in making

I have wondered why I feel angry sometimes

When someone talks against My God

And I have wondered why my best friend now sees our religious odds

Where did I get all this from?

Maybe from people who followed religion as the most convincing fraud?

They were friends, family and near ones

They sought solace

What other best way could be

And they gave this same habit to me

This habit now travels everywhere

And vents out as fear

It vents out as anger

It vents out through me in all ways

And I wonder why I don’t feel like a human in these matters

That’s because I feel like a tribe

I walk on what has been laid down

No religion of mine, It was of the crowd

The fanatics were searched and sometimes they themselves came out

Killed each other in their own God’s name

They emptied out the blood of those which on the sidelines remained

As were the God’s the people too became

In my country the people were now just their names

#all the ways

Where in this way
You see
Here or away
Feel and say
This earth do you feel or
The sky is sealed
Do you see me
Near you
Or Am I far
Do you make a way
To your heart
Do you want
Or you don’t know us
We are here
Are you lost
We can come
Today and always
Come and save you
Will you then
Talk to us
Try to see us
See that it’s same with all
And all of us are same
Or will you be trapped
In your heart
Farther than ever
Don’t shut the door
Do you see
That alone is not safe
Maybe with us is same
Are for a chance
To feel your heart
And in turn
Make you feel ours
For we are all as fragile
A man
Or a woman
Looking for a way
Searching for our smile..