When It’s ❤️

I apologise for being different,
or all the more same,
he calls me something,
I have to respond,
when in love, that’s my name,

sirens chant the same,
play the game,
of being known,
honey, dear, a dame,

sweet pains,
a dove kills a dove, such games,
red always feels alive,
I think cocks fight the real fight,
I relate to their plight,

when sky is clouded,
mind lovely and talks with haste,
dying to be free,
again freedom lovingly put at stake,
those who have been tied know it well,
what it takes,
in matters of heart,
to save the dove,
and also to kill
to not turn into a dove at will,

still when he calls,
I turn to play the game,
become his honey, his dear, his dame,
he says I love you,
I say, Yes here is the cane!
If it’s love the history is same.

I Love Me

I have stopped breaking from the outside
it just causes cracks
shifts happen in the core
and plateaus change
the geography
without anyone knowing
people live happily ever after
and say
that it was meant to be.

My words fumble
when I swallow you in bits
so I gulp you down
give tests, repeat
You ask for 3 words
I say “I am here”
few words have rigid belief
you want complex but
I am forever your simple relief.

I want to bring you the stars
such is my love
but no one wants what they can’t taste
I am bland in my face
and they choose irony
the wisdom of haste
we are but all
the product of our mediocre stakes.

For themselves
they ask myself to define me
how else would they say
that more than you
I love me.

The algae

I am that slimy substance 

you find me in the water 

anywhere on the rocks

When water gave me birth out of its smoothness

I slipped to become that algae

because I am in love with water

I dont find my land

but water takes me to places

where I dont want go

I try to let go

but as soon as I find my earth 

it pulls me again

for it wants me to just keep flowing

with its inconsistent moods

And the air of its own surface doesn’t bother it

because it pushes me instead

and I take the pleasure

and again slip 

I go on till I am dissolved

Or left to be.

2017 – In hopes

my credit card expires in 2017 

along with few other relations 

ingeniously I filtered the ones I would keep 

and this particular card also had its promotional treats

it had costed me a lot to build up the points 

few heartbreaks, some sorry’s and thank you’s are still in line

I also adjusted my expenditure to the income I earned

but financial losses were not the ones that burned

The points though never got converted into any gift

So I need to decide if its worthy to be in this fix

or along with other things I should just let it go 

in hopes that with the new year there will be more.



Would you come to me in my dreams and stare at me

Like you stare at those bills and budgets

With the same interest will you study me,

add, deduct, multiply the prices that I pay 

Deduce the cost for this month to be subtle, serene, patient 

and deduct it then with the reminders of the tasks

that I would have to do to keep us tallied in our love.


Just Romance

Is it that tune to which you dance, or in my head the romance

Dont mutter, be loud, I caught you singing the same song, now don’t pretend I was wrong

It’s not hard, it’s just a start, deny or dont sing, don’t pretend yet that it’s a fling

Look time is running, I got things to do, don’t toy with your eyes, what is that you are afraid to do?

Inside the gathered pieces all are the same, my heart, your heart, their hearts, all hearts are insane

Till the hearts boil, let us burn ourselves

Tomorrow when they all die, heaven or hell both could be a lie

For now, take the chance, just romance.

Cupid Struck souls

You can tell by the way they walk

In the corridors skeletons talk

Humble docile conquered 


The souls dying to be locked

The chains are flowers in their misty eyes 

Wandering gardens to get themselves tried

Bodies are temples and shrines are forts

Their hearts, an endless resource

Pouring out the stream of love

Sickingly selfless and all above

Pleading submission itching your pride

Tempering love and shaking your life

Drown drown with them you now drown

Busy filling their holes

These stupid ugly cupid struck souls.

Man at the end of Rainbow

That is where the magic becomes the truth

Where the man at the end of Rainbow finds you

He is in between all those colors

you navigate your life

You are a lover, an ex, or somebody’s wife

He knows what you felt all the while

And he just doesn’t holds you

He holds your heart

You can tell him all the stories from the start

He sits there listning in the awe of your being

He looks at you and you know you are his queen

He gushes the storms and sings to the clouds

He muses the tears 

And claims your fears

He is there at the end of rainbow

Waiting to find you 

In between this life that surrounds you

He looks dapper in all that blue

Holding an alarm clock in his hand

Says “Come on wake up girl!”

Thats a lot to dream through!

Like me/know it/ know it not


It is imperative to know. To know are you being loved or not, to know how much is that love, is it for real and will it last, last long and be enough.
The point still remains after all this struggle is that you actually cannot know. It’s not possible to know the depths of your own love or that of others. You can choose to believe that it’s there and that even when it’s not life is alright in any way it would come…

This poem writes the anticipation of love and then to let go of that anticipation.

You like me as a child of 9

Or you like me as a old wine

You like me as summers glare

Or you like me as warmth of my hair

Like me as playful delight

Or you like me as a feast for your sight

Do you like me as a light breeze through your window

Or as the warm air you smell in the morning sun

Do you like me as storming hail

Or as timid snow behind fogs veil

You like me calm beside you

Or as an impatient lover eager to draw you

Do you see me through these years

Or as someone stopped in time

How do you feel me say

As blood flowing through your veins

Or as skin that wriggles for one touch

Do you see me through these eyes

Or my heart is in your sight

Do tell me.say

Or tell me.nay

I am here always

For your words

And for you..