Time unravels me

I often mispoke the stench of coat
words hidden in heat of moments
as hidden notes
unable to call on people who are not visible
shadows of ourselves eat us first
and then the misery of becoming it
nature of universe
has no time for ignorance of a fish
cannot teach anyone
already in a bliss
or the one drowned in the ocean
mumbling speech of everything
echo of every life lived
can only be emptied to fill again
time to measure me
takes stock of how well i was all of me
and how i fail to be
all the lives in me.


Water & Roots

Smooth and clogged
thousands of me
meet and become my roots
these stems outgrow me
and towards those billions of light
but I don’t reach the sun the moon the tavern of the hut across the river
I can’t swim
I grow
but to float
waters of woo and lights of heaven
grounds fasten in changing tides
I have a life
I have a fear
I have a hope
I have a tear
I know everything I can reach
I have roots
I wish to keep.

While on a trek…

And if I could learn from nature
I would see how everything has roots
and traces that run deep
just like our souls
which sees through
past of our sown seeds
while universe bring future
each second
we worry of present
which as ephemeral as air
that flows past me
moving me for a second
not so beyond
I make it minutes
and convert to hours
revisit glory and pain
nature doesn’t pretend
on moments that have passed
nor does it intensify, glorify or dwell
it just stares in my face
while I pass away
in this world
in a whiff
like a scent
people come and go
and I walk on these treks
if I can be this peaceful
knowing all
seeing all
aware of all the noise
but still at poise.