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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my article. I am so grateful for your appreciation and encouragement on my goal to, “End the Stigma on Mental Illnesses” Many Blessings of Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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    • Thank you for writing and sharing it with the world. I did copy the pictures and shared on my family WhatsApp group as yesterday only a family member was diagnosed with depression and we were discussing the same 🙂 . Thank you.

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    • The hardest part is to bring the person out of their own shell, they just won’t open up. Don’t know what triggers that psyche of taking it heads on alone although I have done the same in past but never understood the reasons. 😜

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      • I have gone through, “15 years of Long term Depression. 10 years was pretty bad” I could not believe the day, my psychiatrist told me, “I had come back to normal” I thought I would never hear that word, “NORMAL” again! With my, “Own Experiences” I firmly believe that Counselling, Therapy and Medication goes a very long way, in overcoming Depression!
        Of course a “Very Big” part is in our hands too, as we need to somehow, “Fight” and find ways of doing things, “WE REALLY LIKE” ~ it can be even just looking at the sky and the stars and Relaxing” or any other simple thing but, “It has to be something that one must “REALLY LIKE DOING” ~ enough to look forward each day to do it” This need not be exactly a hobby ~ as I have been told by so many the last thing they want to hear is ~ “Do a Hobby” ~ it applied to me too as, when I didn’t even have the will power to wake up in the morning and get out of bed, how can you do a hobby! Its like asking to go to the moon!
        I am sorry if I have written long but I very strongly feel about this subject that, “Depression can be overcome/controlled” meaning it can go into remission. It has for me now. So many are really not aware of important little things that go a long way, even I was not – this is exactly why I am doing the blog. I have written from the beginning, My Journey of Wellness. I am not in for awards or any numbers but ~ to be of help in any way possible to ~ become Health and Happy People 🙂 ❤

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      • I feel so happy for you. It is true that first thing a person looses is sensitivity to themselves. No suggestion makes sense to them because they base emotions are so shifted. Finding way back is easier said than done but it does happen and those who are successful like you and me have responsibility to be flag bearers for the cause and for the people around us. I feel I owe it to my just being alive and happy. Proud of you 😘

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      • It is hard. I also have gone through it. One needs medical help and medication and also to work on one’s self somehow. Self help books, the I net also gives out so much information – it must be,” A Full Dose of Positivity against the Negative feelings” in short we need to, “Chase the Darkness away with The Light” ❤ 🙂

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  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading my words. And in the profile pic, it’s Buddha during the days of enlightenment and represents decay, the eventual fate of all life.
    Keep reading, keep writing, and keep living.

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  3. Hi ! Glad to meet you on WP! Thanks for the Like on my Sunday Post. I invite you to read my Saturday Post that is Part 1 of 2…it sets the scene for the Sunday Post :-). Thank you for your writing and sharing about yourself! Keep writing and keep sharing! It is a great outlet and I am sure you are blessing many by sharing your thoughts poured out in your writings!

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