Dead God and UnThankful Me

Dead God when you dreamed of me

I was sinking, you could see

I crossed you in swinging through your oblivions

Kicking you hard to beat your eyes open 

but you just passed through me, lost yourself

My prayers muttered into your endless, boundless souls. There was much noise and clutter, from those before me. They thought that in your kingdom they would hold.

Dead God why were you so dead

Even when others saw you alive 

They say you were stung and deprived 

Like all, you just wanted to feed

On all positive and still weeped

You had nothing to give back 

And even if you did, you’d put riddles on those gifts

In my faith I was cracking them open in your name

Like to you my virility was a long game

The thought of being thankful then just passed

I am sorry my dead God, but more than your blessings my struggles surpassed.


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