The (real)(ideal)ist guide to life

Is it in deciphering

Or it is in living

Wherever the answers lie

Surrounding the life around or in the thoughts

Both agree and both deny

How do an idealist and a realist say “hi”?

One sees everything worth living for

And another looks for all things seldom found

One believes in how the world looks

And another in the world not found

The idealist says I will keep you surprised

The realist says you may have to pay the price

The price to expect better or to expect at all

The idealist says its better than to be behind contemplated walls

While one looks at historical walls

Another at how they would fall

Where does the world keep what these two find

One is real and another is to define

Can it be a same world they create?

Can both make each other stay?

Would a realist ever take a leap of faith?

And will a idealist get tired of hope?

As how the age old struggles of ideologies go 

Nobody wins and noone lets go!


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