Reminders of sinking sun

The setting sun reminds me of

Shooting arrows in the rains

Condemns me of making those plans 

Far before I was sure what I would gain 

The nests I see on my way

Pity me for coming back and going away

The people I see stare at me

Knowing that I belong but not to stay

I see back at the place I grew

I pick up my clothes and leave the rest

For me to find it again

Someday when I will stay

Someday when I have more time

Days and years I yearn for what is lost

But bound to a life I can’t part

I sit admist those who I don’t know

And forget friends who were there from the start

With hope that I will find my life again

I live on with all the years till the end

I lived feeling that I didn’t belong

But if I was living, life was there all along

I walked past through it

And everytime I was happy

I wasted myself being sad and searching more of it.


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