The logic of mirror

The mirror has its own life

Looks at itself and more so with pride.

Seeing itself as anyone it can be

It toys with the image of me.

Each day I thrash this image of it

Each day it makes a new person of the bits.

There is always but one person that remains

The one who in the childhood stared 

And was looked back from the mirror with the same glare.

This person in mirror always remained same

The one outside changed by life stains.

Can I look in the mirror and be proud

Can I stare and stare out loud

Can I challenge the one that I became

Or stick to now whatever is the game.

Because the mirror always knows our truth

Subtle rash kind or a crook

And whatever logic we may find in our lives

The mirror sees right through it and strikes.

The necessities and luxuries we may define

Mirror knows the logic that we undermine

The logic of where life brims

The person in the mirror lingers but soon dims.

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