Soul of the stars and ours

Men and women are complex in how they deal with each other. Women being the soulful creatures they are and Men trying to fathom this soul sometimes are led blind to the simple things between them. When complexities arises no one owns them but everyone pays the price…The complexities are but always simple, its always about one soul searching another in thier own different ways..
All her work flows through the stream

Searching for her soul 

In another being

Like a song 

Playing in her head

Her idea of him is a dread

Mixing of cocktails to make a drink

Magic of moon and subtleties of a shrink

He stands there dreaded

Waiting to make move

Walking on thin ice

He is nowhere led

Measure the sight

See the sun

Fix her emotions 

Left in him is none

Risk the good 

And mourn the dead

Be here in my past 

Its a long thread

Fragile and thin

The ego walks

The distance it travels

Life in us gasps 

Can you sing near the stream

Let both of us come ashore

I’ll pull you out 

And you dont pay heed

If this love in us wants more.


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