Our odd religion.

Culture religion

#culture #religion

I have always wondered about religion 

About mine, about yours, about everyone’s

I have wondered where the God’s went

And I have wondered about the ones still in making

I have wondered why I feel angry sometimes

When someone talks against My God

And I have wondered why my best friend now sees our religious odds

Where did I get all this from?

Maybe from people who followed religion as the most convincing fraud?

They were friends, family and near ones

They sought solace

What other best way could be

And they gave this same habit to me

This habit now travels everywhere

And vents out as fear

It vents out as anger

It vents out through me in all ways

And I wonder why I don’t feel like a human in these matters

That’s because I feel like a tribe

I walk on what has been laid down

No religion of mine, It was of the crowd

The fanatics were searched and sometimes they themselves came out

Killed each other in their own God’s name

They emptied out the blood of those which on the sidelines remained

As were the God’s the people too became

In my country the people were now just their names

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