#all the ways

Where in this way
You see
Here or away
Feel and say
This earth do you feel or
The sky is sealed
Do you see me
Near you
Or Am I far
Do you make a way
To your heart
Do you want
Or you don’t know us
We are here
Are you lost
We can come
Today and always
Come and save you
Will you then
Talk to us
Try to see us
See that it’s same with all
And all of us are same
Or will you be trapped
In your heart
Farther than ever
Don’t shut the door
Do you see
That alone is not safe
Maybe with us is same
Are for a chance
To feel your heart
And in turn
Make you feel ours
For we are all as fragile
A man
Or a woman
Looking for a way
Searching for our smile..

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